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For Farrier/horseshoeing needs

this winter -

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Ron at 408-307-7837 

We are an "in-home" (your home) pet sitting service and we also provide Farrier(horseshoeing & trimming) Services.  We specialize in large animal care including farm animal/ranches.  However more then 1/2 our clients have smaller animals (cats, birds, dogs) and we like them too!

We service the South Bay and East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) and Northern Reno, NV area.

Using the menu on your left check out our "Pet Sitting" page for more information and current rates. You can click here as well. 

More information provided for horseshoeing/Farrier services check out the menu on left or click here.

Please call Ron Johnson to request services

call 408-307-7837 

A little history about Roosters Haven.

We have been officially in business since 2006.  In 2006 we had "Reno Rides" and we have several pages dedicated to that info.  People joined us in Reno with their horses and ride out with a group.

In 2008 we added to our Mustangs by adopting a Mustang Yearling.  We trained her and took her to the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo in Reno, NV.  You can see more info on her click here.

In 2007 & 2008 we put on community horse shows in the San Francisco California, Bay Area.  We held a Terri Lomax Memorial Horse Show where proceeds went to lung and breast cancer foundations.  Dedicated to Terri and her horse: Zippo Loot (son of Zippo Pine Bar).  It is now 2010 and Zippy is very alive today and still in use at 29 years old. 

2010 - we added more pet care representatives to our team in California and Reno, NV.  We no longer hosted big 'rides' in Reno or Horse Shows (due to the economy) - however we are always up for folks wanting to come visit Reno and will help our community when we can.

Due to the economy in 2011 & 2012  we had to reduce our services to limit only to northern Reno for pet sitting, Our projects included volunteering at the Reno Rodeo, becoming docents for the Virginia City Living Legends (VCLL) and training our Mustangs; Iroquois and Sunday's Last Call for the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo August 20-22, 2010.  Horseshoeing and pet sitting and enjoying what God has provided for us.

2013 provides continued Farrier services in the Bay Area and in Reno NV.  We still have ranch care services as well but have not taken any new clients.  We hope to expand to the Brentwood, Tracy, Livermore area in 2014 as we headquarter in Discovery Bay, CA

I encourage you to click on the menu and look thru our pages.  Find out more about us and we hope to hear from you soon.

We lost Zippy on September 30, 2013

see the Zippy kids and horse tabs for pics of this great horse


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