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Rooster's Haven Terri Lomax Memorial Open Horse Show

Saturday myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsMay 10, 2008

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Hi Folks!  We had a wonderful show on Saturday!  It started with a grand entry which was a very emotional time for all of us.  Katrina Lomax was seen coordinating with tears streaming down her face, and al throughout the stands we saw teary eyes.  The two young women: Erica with the American flag and Hannah with the Breast Cancer flags, to the song: Boundless Skies by Lacy J. Dalton.  Then entered Kimberly on Blackie with Zippy riderless in tow.  Zippy had Terri Lomax's number "80" on his saddle pad. As the volunteers entered walking single file to meet the flags and Zippy in the center, we had the singing of the national anthem by Hannah Nafzinger and then the morning prayer.  The volunteers exited, then Kimberly and Zippy, then the flags to the Rascal Flats song "My Wish". What an honor it was!

Please see the pictures on the Nelson Photography website.  They did an awesome job of capturing the emotions of this event.  Look at our photo gallery tab to see more pictures.  We will continue to add pictures as we get them so keep checking back!

Here's our drill team!  Watch the raw video (not edited, not great quality - but at least we have it)


 9am Livermore - Robertson Park Covered Arena

3200 Robertson Park Rd., Livermore, CA



full show premium click here

Horse show RULES click here



Paint Horse Assoc PAC approved

Arabian Horse Assoc OEIP approved

Special Wild Horse & Burro Classes

plus games, driving & bareback

Lunch for purchase from "The Sandwich Mill"

New:  Pleasure driving


Please see the West Coast Rule Book HERE if you have more questions regarding clothing or tack or general rules


We are proud to say that Diane Nelson from the  Livermore Stockman's Rodeo Assoc. coordinated some folks to help us with the show.  The opening ceremony was a great success. (Hanna with her flag)

Kimberly Simon ponied Zippy on her "Blackie" (two 26 year old horses!)and special guest Hannah Nafzinger sang the national anthem.  Our color theme was PINK - for Breast Cancer Awareness - and we gave two  special awards to the two girls wearing the "PINKEST" outfit of horse & rider combo. 

Diane Nelson set her table up for purchase of  "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" shirts *********************************************************************

FOLKS - If you missed the "Freestyle" class at the end of the show - take a look at the pictures on Mark and Michele's website Nelson Photography

Elisa Wilfong and Carrie Holden (the Mustang riders) had their wonderful Mustangs at the show AND their drill team.  There were 8 women riding their awesome horses to a drill that you would normally pay to see at the Western States Expo in Sacramento at 'entertainment' for the evening!  They were wearing bright pink shirts and matching pads and had the breast cancer ribbon painted in sparkles on the horses' flanks.  I was overwhelmed watching it.  Everyone commented on the 'production'.  I'll have their names posted shortly.

Jeff & Jordan Weinberg, and Ron Johnson did their "Freestyle" of horse & juggling to the song "Mustang Sally" which was adorable to see them tossing over Zippy and Jordan's heads!

Both entries received the special Freestyle award ribbon - congradulations!


See more links to donate to and more info sites on breast cancer, click here There are many folks that you know either living with cancer or in later stages that need your support.  Tri-Valley SOCKS (Stepping Out for Cancer Kures) held their third annual "Bras for the Cause Walk" in Pleasanton that night at 7pm.

Lung Cancer Info - Click here for the American Lung Cancer Page where you can learn more.  Terri Lomax died of lung cancer.  We would like to see the cancer societies push early detection and screening.  Lung Cancer is one of the only cancers that there is no early detection screening - and it may be as simple as a lung x-ray!  We would like to see mandatory x-ray screening with your annual check up. Watch this video NBC 11 news


See full show rules click HERE

For the games - Egg & Spoon, Driving Miss Daisy, Champagne Race - these are simple:  Egg & spoon you will be asked to walk and trot your horse, halt, back up while carying a REAL egg on a spoon.  We may even throw a lope or canter in or cones?? The winner is the person that does not drop the egg on the ground or break it.  Driving "Miss Daisy" is a driving class.  This is where you will pick up a passenger (your friend, relative, stranger) at a designated "stop", and have that passenger exit at a designated stop.  They can be in costume.  Obviously the team that handles the best and is the most amusing wins.  For the Champagne Race - well some of you are familiar with this one from the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo in Reno.  This is where you get a cup of liquid and you are asked to perform various gaits - from walk to lope or canter and he or she who has the most liquid left will win!

For the bareback classes - I think this is self explanatory.  Class 33 is walk and trot/jog, however you DO NOT USE A PAD.  For class 34 you can use a pad is optional, but the pad should not have stirrups, or if it does, you cannot use them.  You will be asked to canter/lope in this class and we will be judging your "equitation", and may the best person win!

For driving - well we are excited - class 15 is Pleasure Driving walk & running walk, and class 16 is pleasure driving thru cones.  This is not a timed class, you will be placed according to your completion and faults.  We may ask for a running walk in parts of this class but it is not manditory to place. REMEMBER - This is a FUN show and so safety is of the utmost importance. Any unsafe vehicle, harness or horse will be excused.

Freestyle:  This is limited only by your imagination and dreams.  Can be a team or a demo or to music.  Drill team? Can your horse perform tricks?  Want to gallop around?  Dressage? Reining? Costume? You define what it is you will do and make it happen!  Only one entry fee of $10 for the single or the group.  Only one rider will display the competetor number.  This will be the rider who has paid the single fee on his/her form. 


We want to give special thanks to the following people (and the list will grow so keep checking back)

Erica, Hannah,& Kimberly Simon for running the flags and ponying Zippy.

Paul Hale - for a fabulous day of music and help with announcing!

Carter Bolton - Nob Hill Foods, Jacklin Rd, Milpitas CA - THE CARROTS!!!!

Albert from "The Sandwich Mill" 1381 Kooser Rd, San Jose, CA 408-266-7815 for providing a great lasagna meals for us to eat!

All the Rooster's Haven Pet Sitting and Farrier customers with special mention to Rob & Kathy Sabin (for the eggs) & Jason Cullen & Ralphie for being great customers!

Elisa Wilfong & Carrie Holden for "showcasing" their fabulous Mustangs througout the day! (and the unforgettable drill)

Special thanks to the Rooster's Haven Volunteer Show Committee:  Katrina Lomax, Ron Johnson, Mimi Weinberg, Jody & Justine Smith, Rudy Monte, April Brown, Renee McCarley, Jordyn McCarley, Jeff Weinberg, Jordan Weinberg, Vance Pranger, Pete Scapinello, Sienna Wolf, Jill Moen





Photos available from Off the Beaten Path for April 21st show

See link

Photos from May 19th & Aug 4 show with Cindy Fitcher - Best In The West Event Photography
see this link:

There were 3 shows in 2007 that the gang at Rooster's Haven will be hosting at Taylor Made Farms in San Martin.  English, with jumping, Western, Reining and Trail.  We had GREAT daily high point awards - like briar horses, toys, halters, product and Painted Ponies.  It was a 3 show series, and to qualify for the series end "buckle/ champion" award you need to participate in 2 of the three shows.

The Rooster's Haven has been approved as a host organization for both 
the Open Event Incentive Program of the Arabian Horse Association 
& the Paint Alternative Credit for the APHA. 
This means that program members will be able to earn points at your open shows, 
earning prizes for themselves and a permanent show record for their Arabian and Half-Arabian horses.

Special Wild Horse/MUSTANG CLASSES 

FREISIAN!  This is Isabeau and she was in our April 21st show- owned by the Sankey's

- Thanks Kevin Sankey for sending a picture of this lovely lady and for your great letter.

"Hi Katrina,

I just wanted to take a second to give you some feedback about your
show at Taylor Made Farms on April 21st.

I thought that things were very well run, the facility was clean and
pleasant, the staff from Roosters Haven were all very friendly, upbeat,
and positive.

I know that there was some grumbling about things being delayed, but my
response to that is to "deal with it". Some friends of mine came down
to support and cheer for Issy. They found things to be very nice as well.

Overall I woud say that you and the staff scored a 10 out of 10 on this
show. You cannot control attendance and I know that there was a
scheduling conflict with region 10 and a 4H event that helped to limit attendance.
I think that your next show will be better attended. And yes we do plan
on being there as well.

Thank You,

Kevin Sankey
Owner of Isabeau"

SEE:  West Coast Horse Rulebook

2007 - One of our sponsors is Equine & Pet Portrait Artist, Elaine Hickman

She will be giving a custom stall plaque/sign with

you horse's portrait! Here is an example:

see more of her artwork at:

Buckles by Yellowhair & Kathy's Buckles

If it has been determined that you are receiving a year end award, you will have some

options and you may be able to upgrade (fund the difference) to receive a

buckle.  You may also choose a beautiful Stall Plaque from Elaine Hickman.  Rooster's Haven will be contracting

her for those people that request a Stall Plaque.

 Katrina Lomax privately funds these shows, so talk to her about it.

Katrina and Ron fund the shows from their Pet Sitting business and from Katrina's

employement at Cisco.  At the end of the year they give to non profits.  Last year Katrina was

able to give to several non-profits and have Cisco Systems match the donation!  This was in excess of

$600!  So please thank them that they were able to put on

3 successful shows for this year!

Ron Johnson will be wearing one of the buckles at the shows.

They hope that next year there will be more participation & perhaps some sponsors, so that the

year end awards are even more spectacular!

Become a Rooster's Haven, Wranglin' Maven

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors, vendors, photographers, caterers, artists!
Contact us: or 408-431-2273 - Katrina Lomax
we would love to hear from you.
*volunteers - if you work a day you will get free food, and/or gift card/or other appreciation gift, and a Rooster's Haven t-shirt, which is not for sale.  Wranglin's Maven's earn these shirts so you can only get one if you volunteer.

Rooster's Haven Wranglin' Maven's show committee 2007:

Sandy Casalino, Cody Morales, Angelica Morales, Ali & Shawn Kurth, Rebecca & Rudy Monte, Dave Conklin, Erica Healy, Ron Johnson, Katrina Lomax, Christine & Kevin Gray, Teresa Lomax, Sienna Cody, Doug Blackwell, Cathy & Gary Hirose, Pete Scapinello, Kathy Nicosia.

High Point Standings

2007 Finals

Below are those that received the year end awards.  Some of the categories were combined due to lack of participation.

Congratulations to the following individuals

Overall Halter:  Eileen Burwell-Sankey & Isabeau

Overall Showmanship:  Marialaina Batoog & Mustang Falcon

Lead Line Overall:  Aaron Spotswood

Overall Western:  Rhonda Heiner & Artfully Zipped

English Open:  Rhonda Heiner & Artfully Zipped

English A/A:  Elaine Spotswood & Prince Charming

English Youth:  Julia Barman & Drummers Grace

Reserve Youth Award:  Catherine Sparling & Zippo Bingo Bug

Special Youth Award:  Arielle Spotswood

Overall Trail:  Sara Okumura & Sunkawakan

Mustang Overall:  Sara Okumura & Sunkawakan

Note:  Overall Trail & Showmanship was won by a Mustang!!!

Questions about classes? What to Wear? What Equipment?

Q:  What does W/J and W/T mean on the class list?

A:  Walk Jog and Walk Trot.  Walk Jog is a Western Class and Walk Trot is an English Class.  Typically these are Novice or Beginner classes. 

Q:  Is this a "Schooling" show? 

A:  No, this is not a Schooling Show.  Typically Schooling shows will not have CSHA (California State Horseman's Assoc) carded judges or be approved by the Paint Horse Assoc for Alternative Open Breed Credit.  Rooster's Haven shows do have beginner and novice classes but they are not schooling shows and your attire must be as listed in the West Coast Rule Book.

 Q.  What is an Amateur Adult?

A.  Definition of Amateur
As defined in the West Coast Horse Show Rulebook
“Every person competing in an amateur class should possess a current amateur card from a recognized equine organization. Basic Definition: Any person who has reached his/her eighteenth birthday and is not a trainer, does not accept pay for showing a horse and/or does not accept prize money for showmanship or equitation. Warning: Management may require proof of amateur status and may deny entry to anyone who cannot furnish said proof. Photocopies are acceptable. Some organizations may require possession of their own amateur card as a prerequisite to competing.

Q:  What is the West Coast Rule Book?

A:  It is the governing rule book for the Western States and most often is referred to for general horse show rules.  It is used by California State Horsemen's Assoc, Seven Counties Paint Horse Club and other clubs as an overview of governing rules that they can refer to. You can order a copy from the California State Horsemen's Assoc.  Rooster's Haven has a copy and can refer to it for your questions regarding dress, equipment, patterns, points...etc.

Q.  For Hunter in Hand classes can a horse have different riders?

A.  For our April 21 show we found the answer: No,  It has been determined that even though this class may be judged individually (rider/horse), the judge may request all horse & riders come into the arena to line up and so if there were two riders using one horse in this class - it would be physically impossible..  So you will not be able to exhibit the same horse with different riders for this class.

Q. Can I use the same rider number if my daughter and I share a horse?

A.  No, each rider needs to have their own competetor number.  Everyone needs to sign their release individually and for youth under 18 they need their parent or guardian to sign their release.  A person can exhibit using the same horse, but cannot ride the same horse if they are in the same age group. 

Q.  What is the difference between Senior and Junior horse and how do I ride (Western)?

A. If your horse is 5 and under you may ride two-handed if you are using a snaffle bit (no shanks) or Bosal.  If your horse is over 6 you must ride with one-hand.  Remember if you start the class one-handed; remain one-handed during the whole class using the same hand.  Same with two-handed.  If you have any concerns or questions contact us or ask the judge the day of the show.

Q:  What is the difference between Equitation classes & Pleasure Classes?

A:  In a nut shell, Equitation looks at the rider, and pleasure looks at the horse as the point of judging.

Q:  What is proper attire for Western & English riders:

A: Western:  Western Hat - A protective helmet may be worn by any rider without penalty.  Long sleeved shirt with any type of collar.                Tie - Includes the use of a bolo tie, rosette, scarf, necktie, kerchief or pendant as an option to a standard tie.  Trousers or pants, belt with buckle.  One piece suits are acceptable provided a collar of any type and belt loops are included. Vests, jackets, gloves, spurs, chaps, or chinks are optional. (Silver is Optional) Cowboy boots with either a walking or riding heel - the use of 'lace up' boots is acceptable.

Hair must be neat and fastened so as not to cover the rider's number. (numbers are to be pinned on the back of the shirt)

   English:  Coats of any traditional hunting style in a conservative color are to be worn with breeches.  Saddle seat style suit is acceptable when riding saddle seat.  Jodhpurs(English riding stretchy paints) English riding boots are mandatory.  Shirt/blouse with stock/tie or choker is to be worn. Conservative colored, properly fitted headgear is mandatory (traditional hunt cap, saddle seat derby, top hat etc.)  All juniors in standard English Attire (not showing saddle seat, )must wear a secured helmet while mounted anywhere on the grounds. Anyone jumping anywhere on the grounds must wear head gear with a secured harness regardless of age.  Spurs and gloves are optional - gloves are required in showmanship and equitation classes.

Hair must be neat and fastened so as not to cover the rider's number. (numbers are to be pinned on the back of the shirt)

attire: jumper division breeches of any color boot of any type heal hunt coats are optional unless required by management. any type of shirt blouse(long/short sleeve) with a color.chaps are permitted

   Helmet * make sure your helmet is ASTM / SEI certified (Rooster's Haven requests)

 Conservative colored, properly fitted headgear is mandatory (traditional hunt cap, saddle seat derby, top hat etc.) All juniors in standard English Attire (not showing saddle seat, )must wear a secured helmet while mounted anywhere on the grounds. Anyone jumping anywhere on the grounds must wear head gear with a secured harness regardless of age.  Any person attempting to jump anywhere on the grounds without a secured helmet will be directed to leave the grounds whether they are an exhibitor or not.  Exhibitors violating this rule will be disqualified and entry fees not refunded

   NOTE: these rules apply to all divisions with regard to attire.  Judges will penalize any contestant who does not conform to attire rules.


West Coast Horse Rulebook

Here is the West Coast Horse Rulebook online for your viewing!

Arabian Horse - OEIP Program

Please see the Arabian Horse page for more info:

Open Event Incentive Program (OEIP)

Do you enjoy participating in national all-breed events including competitions hosted by national organizations in Dressage, Endurance, Driving, Cutting and Eventing? Or, do you compete in local open shows hosted by local clubs, saddle clubs, even other breed associations? If so, AHA would like to present you and the Arabian horses you compete with with the opportunity to receive recognition and awards for your accomplishments.

The Open Event Incentive Program rewards both Riders and Horses that excel in all-breed competitions outside of the traditional Arabian horse community. As a participant in OEIP, you and your horse will accumulate points based on how you place in competitions and be rewarded for all of your achievements and hard work.

Riders who participate in OEIP will earn recognition and awards based on the number of points they accumulate. In addition, the horses used in these competitions will automatically have their accomplishments recorded in their permanent event record in the Arabian Horse DataSource world database.

Horse owners that do not compete as the rider may also join the program and enter horses they own without the rider being part of the program.

I compete with Arabian horses all the time... How do I join?

Riders who would like to compete in OEIP must fill out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form to join.

NOTE: Participation in any Arabian Horse Association program requires a current membership with the Arabian Horse Association. Click here to join AHA now!

Program participants are defined as an individual rider or owner, not a specific horse and rider combination. This means that as a rider, you may ride any number of horses, regardless of whether you own them or not, as long as they are all purebred Arabians registered with the Arabian Horse Association.

My Arabian horse competes in all-breed events all the time with riders other than myself... How do I sign up my horse?

Owners who would like to record their Arabian horse's success at all-breed events, regardless of who rides the horse, should fill out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form and identify the horse(s) you want to enter into the program. You may record your horse's achievements even if your horse was shown by someone other than yourself-the actual owner.

NOTE: If the rider is also in the program, he/she does not need to submit the event information if you, the owner, have already done so. The same is true if the rider has submitted the event information-- you, the owner, would not need to enter the same information again. Your horse will automatically receive credit for that event.

What are the OEIP Milestones, Recognition and Awards?

The Open Event Incentive Program rewards riders and Arabian horses that compete in OEIP events with for following awards and recognition:

OEIP Arabian horses - OEIP recognizes the success of individual Arabian horses in OEIP events by recording accomplishments in each horse's permanent event record in the Arabian Horse Association's Arabian DataSource.

OEIP Competitiors - After reaching each major point milestone, OEIP participants will receive a Lapel Pin identifying their achievement level. Milestones are reached at 10, 20, 60, 100, 250, 350, 500, 750, 1000 points.

High Point Achievers - The annual High Point Achiever from each event category (for both national and local event divisions) will receive a trophy* at the end of each calendar year, plus photo recognition on this website.

NOTE: Competitors must reach at least 10 points in a category to qualify for the annual high point award. Awards are based on points earned between January 1 and December 31 of that year.

*(The Arabian Horse Association reserves the right to modify or change awards at any time.)

Rooster's Haven is a recognized event

OEIP accepts most types of events. The following criteria apply to events and hosting organizations:

  • The event must be approved by a national or local organization that keeps an official performance record for each horse entered in the event.
  • The host organization must have an established governing body.
  • The host organization must have a show manager at the event who will sign the Event Report Form presented by the exhibitor/competitor.
    The Event Report Form requires "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to open - Free download here.
  • The host organization must also maintain permanent event records at a central location for at least one year where event participation can be verified.


  • Hunter Equitation
  • Hunter Pleasure/Hunter Hack
  • Leadline
  • Miscellaneous (native costume, liberty, combination, most classic, sidesaddle)
  • Saddleseat Equitation
  • Saddleseat Pleasure (English, Park Horse, Country English)
  • Showmanship
  • Trail
  • Walk-Trot
  • Western horsemanship/Riding/Equitation
  • Western Pleasure/Bareback Pleasure

    (Specialty Performance Categories - Local Open Shows)
  • Recognized Gaming (Barrels, Poles, Figure 8 Jumping, Key Hole)
  • Cutting
  • Driving
  • Jumping
  • Reining
  • Roping
  • Team Penning
  • Working Cow

How Do My Points Get Calculated?

Points are calculated automatically based on event placement and other criteria. You can review the calculations for different events/classes by using our OEIP Point Calculator. Local open shows are eligible when hosted by a pre-approved organization, but competitors accumulate points at half the rate of events hosted by an approved national organization. Even so, awards based on local open show competitions are awarded separately from awards for all other events.

** The Arabian Horse Association does not recognize points earned prior to enrollment in the Open Events Incentive Program**

How do I report the events I and/or my horse have competed in?

After you have filled out the Incentive Program Sign-Up Form, you will use your username and password to access your account and log your performance accomplishments.

Riders can accumulate points points in a category, regardless of which Arabian horses they ride (as long as it is a registered Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian.) In the same way, horses can earn and accumulate points in a given category regardless of who the rider is. Either the rider or, if different, the owner can enter the event information online and submit the Event Report Form to the Arabian Horse Association. Do not report entries more than once for a rider or horse. If the rider reports the entry, the horse owner (if different) does not need to. A horse owner can report entries for the horse if the rider is not in the OEIP Incentive Program.

Since all of the Incentive Programs are online, you will enter your accomplishments directly in the online OEIP Log after you participate in an event. Next, turn in the completed Event Report Form within 60 days, signed by the event manager. As soon as you enter the event information in the online OEIP Log and the Arabian Horse Association has verified it against the completed Event Report Form, points will be recorded and calculated toward the annual High Point Category Awards for riders and recorded in the permanent event record of the horse in the Arabian Horse DataSource world database.

The Event Report Form requires "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to open - Free download here.

**Open Event Incentive Program participants are required to send in an Event Report Form signed by the event official stating that both horse and rider did enter the specified class and placed accordingly. Event results must be entered and the Event Report Form returned along with the processing fee within 60 days following the event date in order for the results to be accepted. During that time the event results will remain pending until AHA receives your signed Event Report Form and the $3.00 online processing fee per event--that's per event, not per class!**

Paint Alternative Credit - American Paint Horse Assoc

American Paint Horse Association, knows your riding and driving activities are as diverse as the color patterns on the horses we register. Through the Paint Alternative Competition Program, you can get recognition for accomplishments in the competitive events you enjoy.
A complete explanation of the rules and regulations for the PAC program is listed in the the 2007 Rule book (PDF download).

PDF file PAC Enrollment Form
PDF file PAC Exhibitor Report
PDF file PAC Combined Training Report
PDF file PAC Dressage Report
PDF file PAC Events Approval Application

What is the Paint Alternative
Competition (PAC) program?

APHA approves more than 1,200 horse
shows and races, hosts trail rides, and produces a World Championship Show each year. But even with this diverse menu of activities, the
association doesn’t always have an approved or sponsored event in your hometown.

Your community probably offers plenty of competitive events for horses and riders, such as 4-H shows, team pennings, ropings, horse trials, and other activities that fall outside the category of “APHA-approved show.”

Even though APHA is not officially associated with these events, the association does want to recognize your efforts on your American Paint Horse. As a result, your accomplishments can be recorded on your registered horse’s official lifetime performance record through PAC.

A variety of competition
PAC is open to almost any type of activity as long as the competition is sponsored by an organization that keeps official records on the performance of all horses entered in the event.

Keep in mind that for APHA to include the event in PAC, the competition must be sponsored by an association, organization or affiliate that has an established record-keeping, governing body, as well as a representative who will sign a verification form. Also, remember that this program is designed for events outside the approved show ring. You cannot earn PAC credits at APHA-approved shows or at any show approved by another breed registry.

Easy to enroll and report
Although APHA membership is not required to enroll in PAC, you must be a member to receive any awards you earn from the association. Even though you don’t have to own the horse you compete on, annual enrollment of the horse in PAC is required.

You will receive your PAC card and several report forms two to three weeks after your application is processed. Once you receive your card, you are ready to start earning credits.

When you go to your next Paint Alternative Competition, have fun and do your best. When you place in the event, see the event secretary or manager and present them your PAC card and official report form.

Ask the official to inspect your enrollment card and your horse’s registration papers to verify your participation on a registered American Paint Horse. Next, ask the official to sign the report form, which tells APHA how you finished
in the event and how many horses were entered. Then, return the report, along with a show bill or schedule, to APHA within 30 days of the event.

You will then receive APHA credits based upon your placing and the number of horses you competed against, using the same formula the association uses to award points to exhibitors at APHA-approved shows. (Point tabulation is outlined in the current Official APHA Rule Book.)

For more information on PAC, email or call (817) 834-2742, extension 249

Wild Horse & Burro Shows

Western States Wild Horse & Burro Expo

JOIN US 2008 August 15 - 17 

Valentina will be back again!!!

Competing in English, Western, Trail, Games and Cow work


Reno, Nevada, 2005

Left: Herd of wild horses on the Range;  Right: Jerry Tindell's "At Liberty" show at 2005 Expo, featuring formerly wild horse who are now trained Show Horses. A big advantage in owning a mustang is that, even though they become very tame and bonded to their humans, they always remember how to "be a horse" with excellent herd social skills.

Note:  Valentina is on the left side 2nd row(black horse with white blaze behind the gray)

Reno Livestock Center 2005

This is Ron on Valentina from the Western States Wild Horse and Burro show last August 2005 participating in the "Champagne race" - you know, don't drink or spill it...and you win (too bad Ron was thirsty)

You can check out the website here:

Valentina the first Mustang that Katrina Lomax adopted in 2003 will return this year for the 2nd time to this event in the Reno Livestock Center.

2006 pictures right here:

With Ron's torn shoulder, and Katrina's badly sprained ankle, we had to cancel our classes for Friday & Saturday.   Vance Rushing from Reno, NV, did ride Valentina on Saturday for the Novice Western Pleasure class (this was a walk/jog class, but for some reason the judge freaked everyone out and had them lope!).  Congrats to Vance, he took a 5th place on her!

For Sunday, Katrina rode Valentina in English Hunter Under Saddle, Green Horse and took a 6th place....(you can see on this picture the ankle where she had to wear workboots and halfchaps because the ankle was so swollen her nice black English boots didn't fit - also the heal position couldn't go any lower). Then in the afternoon, in the games, ran poles and did barrels.  Ron rode and took a 4th place in the Keyhole Green Horse Event.  Congrats to Ron & Katrina!

Katrina & Valentina 2006


Profile:  Katrina Lomax is a Procurement & Sourcing Manager working in Silicon Valley.  It's often the job that funds the passions of folks and Katrina has been in California, working in the high tech industry for the last 23 years.  She grew up on Long Island, NY with her passion of horses -since she was 4, when she was put on her pony - Tina.  (ask her about Tina, and she'll tell you Tina molded her life & expectations about horses).

Katrina also played competitive A & B division volleyball - and in the 90's you could find her at the local Bay Area & UC Davis competitions, City Beach in Santa Clara.  She played indoor but her love was playing coed doubles, sand volleyball.  For years she was Captain of many teams, and enjoyed drawing designs for their T-shirts for the competitions.  She also played with Pacific IBM (now Meriwest) Credit Union annually at the Make a Wish tournament in Livermore's Robertson Park.  She played the year Pacific IBM Credit Union took the GOLD CUP! 

Golden State Appaloosa Horse Association, (GSAHA) a non-profit regional club (national ApHC affiliation) which promotes the versatility of the Appaloosa Breed.  She had served as a board member (2004/05) President of the club in 2006 & 2007 and currently is the Vice President for 2008.
In 2006 the club put on two Open shows: April 1, 2006 and July 15, 2006. In 2007 one show (July 14) at Santa Clara Horsemen's Arena (Almaden Valley).  Please check the website for meeting dates and horse show schedules:
You can view the website:
She has been a member of Californa State Horsemen's Assoc. region 6, AQHA, ApHC, and APHA.

Katrina has been involved with Wildlife Rescue since 1997 - and specialized in small animals: her favorite being "pinkie" tree squirrel rehabilitation & rescue.  She also had her own rescue & rattery, (Katrina's rats) where she rescued rats from shelters & pet stores (in Reno and San Jose).  She also breed excellent quality pet rats for children from the "Personable" line of rats.  She has a natural ability to care for animals - so it was natural for her to start a pet sitting service since she was frequently requested to take care of her friends' animals & horses.

Katrina is a strong advocate for the Wild Horse and Burro programs in Nevada & California.  She is very proud to be a 4 time Wild Horse adopter, and put on the Rooster's Haven show series in 2007 which had special Mustang classes.  She has successfully adopted 4 Wild Mustangs.  One from the VRWPA (Comstock), and 3 from the BLM Palomino Valley Center, NV.
Katrina has trained all of her younger horses from the ground up, and especially the Mustang, Valentina whom she is ever so proud of. 
She has shown Valentina 2004-2007 years at the Wild Horse and Burro Expo at the Reno Livestock Center - look for her again in 2014.

For horses she refers to Jerry Tindell as her 'trainer' since his 'hands on' methods proved the best results.  However you will frequently see her reading all kinds of material and watching trainers of different disciplines, RFD TV, videos, and attending Expo's of all kinds in the Western states.  She has an open mind, and will do what works best for that horse.

Check out the BLM website of current Wild Horses available at the same location that Valentina and Iroquois came from: click here and see this website too!Most importantly: GET INVOLVED IN YOUR LOCAL CLUBS - they need your support

"Every day you learn something so NEVER assume you know more then the other person"...

 ..."so Shut up! and listen- there is always a 'take away' lesson even if it's not on

the subject you came for."...

"Practice patience until everyone perceives you are"

"Give glory to God in all things you do"

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